Exercising Choice

Points to Ponder: February 23, 2018

I have the choice to create my destiny. My destiny is created by my actions. Any thoughts I create, words I utter and acts I perform are my creation. My creation decides my destiny. But often in a state of lack of awareness, I place the reins of the destiny in the hands of other people and situations. In forgetfulness of this amazing power that I have, I start playing games with my own mind and tell myself that someone or something else is responsible for the way I am thinking, feeling or reacting. People and situations are outside. They can create an atmosphere of fear, sorrow, worry, pain, temptation etc. But I have the choice whether to yield to these external influences. The external is inversely proportional in power to the internal. When I am in awareness, I am internally stable, peaceful. Then the external is powerless. The moment I allow my awareness to slip away and create a weak thought, the external overpowers me.
For example, If the state of my physical health is bad but I am aware that I am a peaceful soul independent of my body, I can stay in peace and cooperate with my body to heal faster. The moment I forget my identity of a peaceful being separate from the body, the illness of my body affects my mind. Long term practice of soul consciousness builds resilience to the external environment. Every morning as I wake up, let me spend a few moments becoming aware that I am the energy sitting behind the eyes and watching my eyes as I blink them.  I am innately peaceful. Let me spend some moments paying attention to this peaceful being that I am.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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