Points to Ponder: February 26, 2018

Appreciation is a very beautiful quality of the soul. When I appreciate a certain talent or quality in the other, it becomes a part of me. We become what we see. If I focus on and admire the specialty that the other has, I acquire it. But in the world of comparison seeing worth or speciality in someone often scares me. Seeing value in someone makes me feel small. Our attitude is trained to compare. I find it difficult to recognise my self worth while valuing the good in the other. Our mind often works like if he/ she is good then I am bad. But the fact is we are all unique. While I see the good in the other, it should not awe me. I can stay in my self honour and appreciate the other. While I do so, I imbibe the good in the other as well. I do not need to focus on the limitations of the other in order to feel better. I can focus on their specialties and still feel valuable.

Appreciating my own beauty and uniqueness is the prerequisite to seeing virtues in the other. Let me sit back and reflect on whether I love myself? Let me think about my qualities for which I respect myself. I am a beautiful creation of God. Let me appreciate myself. Let me be so self assured that no person or situation can dethrone me from my seat of self honour. I am a pure and peaceful soul. My purity and peace are my qualities. They are innate to me. No external situation or behavior can make me forget that. It is my nature to have pure feelings for the other. Nothing can shift me from a place of being happy with myself. I love myself and always create pure thoughts for the other. I value myself and that enable me to value others around me.

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