The Trident

Points to Ponder: February 28, 2018

The Adiyogi is shown carrying a trident. While I move trough the day in awareness, there arise situations and behaviours that attack me. It could be some physical discomfort, the unsavoury behaviour of a near and dear or a remote one, or some legal, financial or other situation that I may encounter during the day. It could be anything and anyone that appears to have the capacity to upset me. Earlier, in such situations I had only one option i.e to be upset by it. But now I have the trident to give that external stimulus a good fight. The trident is symbolic of the three dots that I need to be aware of all the time. Carrying the trident with you is symbolic of being constantly aware of three points or dots.

The first point of awareness is that I am a point. I am not this body that I appear to be. I am the point of consciousness operating this body. The tool with which I operate this body is thoughts. I create a thought and my body carries it out. I am a creator of my thoughts. The external may trigger thoughts in me, it may suggest me a course of behaviour but it is entirely up to me to do what I feel is the ideal thing to do. I am not a victim of my circumstances. I am consciousness, the master of my circumstances.

The second point of awareness is that my Father is a point. My Father is the Supreme consciousness, the ocean of knowledge, the omnipotent. I am covered by His grace. I move under His canopy. The external is powerless when I am in the company of the omnipotent.

The third point of awareness is that I constantly apply a full stop to the last second that passed. The last second that passed may not have been ideal but time is an incessant flow separated in seconds. I have the power to not allow the failure of the last second to colour my effort in the present second. I can reset my inner state second by second and embrace every second as a novel opportunity.

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