Points to Ponder: March 5, 2018

Leadership may or may not be about being in a leadership position. I may be in a very ordinary position but may still be a leader. A leader is the one who sets an example. A leader is the one who leads. A leader is the one who inspires others to follow him. A simple rule of science tells us that energy flows from high frequency to low frequency. Thought is also energy. If I am in a state of high frequency, then I am able to influence the one who is in a state of low frequency. Positive thoughts are high frequency thoughts. Thoughts determine my vibration or energy field. If I am constantly in a state of positivity, creating positive thoughts based on hope, faith, love, good wishes and good feelings then I am resonating at a high frequency. In such a state, I am able to influence the others around me. The people who are in contact with my energy field are affected by my positivity and are inspired and empowered to shed their hopelessness, ill feelings and peacelessness. They also pick on my vibration and follow my path.

For example, there is a difficult situation like a breakout of a fire or an earthquake and there is a general atmosphere of panic owing to a collective consciousness of fear. In such a situation, if I am fearless and guide others to maintain their calm and poise and take calculated steps towards mitigating the tragedy, then I am the leader there. However, such a state of mind in that moment is certainly a product of long periods of peaceful conduct in turbulent times. Today the world is in great need of such true leaders and the big shift in general consciousness can only take place under the influence of such leaders. Am I ready to be one?

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