Being Carefree

Points to Ponder: March 6, 2018

Being carefree is not the same thing as being careless. Being carefree is about caring without worry. It is an attitude that lies just in the middle of the spectrum of attitudes ranging from being careless to being anxious. Caring is natural to the soul. I am a caring being. My essence is to extend care and compassion to all around me. Sometimes, during this long journey of birth and death that the soul undertakes, the quality of care gets shrouded by emotions of selfishness, mistrust, ego or others and one becomes careless. However, as spiritual beings, every soul has the quality of care. To care is to extend love and support, heal and nourish anyone and anything that is around me.

However, sometimes we overstep the quality of care and start taking the responsibility of the journey of the other. We forget that each one has his own journey and destination. As we travel with one another in this journey of life, it is essential that we care for the well being of our co travelers. We must not, however, commit the mistake of taking responsibility of the others’ journey and destination. Even if we do so due to ignorance, we only lose sight of our own destination but the attempt to take responsibility of the other is never successful. Our co travelers could be our family members, spouse, children, colleagues etc. It is recommended that we nurture these souls around us and facilitate their journey while never losing sight of our own aim. Our aim is to undertake and finish this journey of life in a state of peace and happiness. When worry creeps in, peace and happiness is lost. So caring with peace and happiness sets us free while caring. This is the essence of being carefree.
In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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