Power of Love

Points to Ponder: March 7, 2018

Jimi Hendrix wrote that when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. What power can’t do, love can. Love can build bridges between hearts, love can heal the deepest wounds, love can bring out the best in the apparently worst of people, love can make one surmount one’s own weaknesses and so on and so forth. Love can do miracles but such power of love is commanded by few.

Love is usually understood as an act that we perform for the other. Is love something we do or something we be? Is love something we embody absolutely or something we just express conditionally? Is “I Love” a complete sentence or is it waiting to be followed by a him, her, you, this, or that? Is love yearning to be requited or is it complete in itself? It is only when love is absolute, steady, unconditional and not waiting to be requited that it is a power.

Love is the essence of my being. I am loveful. It is something that flows from me irrespective of who receives it. It is not affected by who is in front of me. When I love with my whole heart, I first nurture my heart with my own love and it is healed of all its bruises and cleansed of all its stains. Such a heart is not broken. It is powerful. The universe cannot ignore the voice of such a heart. A heart that loves is a heart that God loves.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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