Happy Women’s Day

Points to Ponder: March 8, 2018

We celebrate Women’s day every year. The Government has a Ministry dedicated to the development of Children and Women. All this because women are important.The change the world is looking forward to see can actually be pioneered by women. Owing to tradition, women are in an advantageous position when the question of shaping a value based society emerges. Since ancient times, the role of upholding values in a family has been outsourced to women. Starting from very basic values like waking up early, lighting the diya at the temple, keeping the house clean, taking care of people around, being economical to values like having the power of tolerance to keep the family together or being the connecting thread between family members have all been entrusted to women. Women are especially conditioned to use the power of love over physical strength.

Values can be instilled in a person most conveniently in their formative years. In these years, a person’s closest connection is the mother who is a woman.
It is mostly the women who cook food in the house. Food is the most effective although the most indirect way of affecting a person’s thoughts. Food carries the energy of the one who cooks it. A woman can infuse the food she cooks with love, confidence and power if she embodies there qualities.
A woman who stay at home has a very big role to play in creating the atmosphere of the home. The atmosphere of the home is the result of the constant flow of thoughts, feelings and attitudes that we emit through our minds. So a woman with positivity and peace can change the atmosphere of the house.
A child does as his parents do. He does not do as they say. So the way we respond to situations, the way we build and maintain relationships forms the attitude of he child towards people and situations.
Women who have made a mark in society and are in a position to inspire other people by being in powerful positions in social and professional areas can create a culture of cooperation and render the feeling of a family to the workplace or any other setup and ensure that mutual respect and love thrives.
However, one needs to think deeply about why the social fabric is falling apart and value systems collapsing in the presence of so many women on earth. It is because women are not proud to be women. It is because there are messages that women constantly receive about they being the weaker sex. Sometimes it needs great courage to sift the lie from the truth when the lie is being repeatedly propagated. The fact that women are naturally closer to their spiritual core and hence more in touch with the loveful, peaceful, caring, generous and giving aspects of human personality is not looked upon as an asset for the world. These qualities are looked down upon as weaknesses and the sad fact is that women have also bought into this lie. As a woman, one feels more proud when addressed as beautiful than as wise or kind. When we start living on the surface of our body and stop paying attention to our inner world, the inner world that was infact rich gets depleted in neglect and today we are mostly moving with beautiful bodies and barren hearts. It is time we got together and mustered enough courage to stop paying attention to the voices in circulation and started believing in our innate goodness.

The world is not suffering from lack of resources but lack of peace and love. It is in dire need of women who believe in the power of love and peace and embody it. Let us pledge to celebrate this Women’s day as a celebration of Womanhood rather than as a celebration of Woman striving for manhood
In Spiritual Service

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