Good wishes

Points to Ponder: March 9, 2018

It is always said that we should have good wishes for ourselves, others and situations. It is also said that good wishes make everything good. Good wishes work like an elixir and have the power to make good all that is not so good right now. Many of us are also trying to have good wishes for one and all. But sometimes what we understand to be good wishes are not so.

Pure feelings precede good wishes. Pure feelings are feelings that are free from fear, attachment, greed, denial, rejection or any other negative emotion. Complete acceptance and respect for the self, the other and the current situation precedes good feelings. Although it may sound paradoxical, we cannot have good wishes for something that we do not completely accept. But usually, we give good wishes with the intention to change something because we do not like the way it is right now. The law says whatever we resist shall persist. So although it may appear that we are having good wishes, we are actually resisting that something and actually perpetuating it.

For example, suppose my body is not in perfect state right now and I don’t like it being the way it is. I start rejecting it and curse it day in and day out. I create thoughts like I don’t like this body or I am so unfortunate to have this physical condition. Then someone tells me that you should have good wishes for your body. Then I start creating thoughts that my body or my physical condition will improve which again means that I still don’t like it and am just waiting for it to improve. But that is neither good wish nor positive thought. The first step to having good wishes is to come to terms with my physical condition. I understand that it is neither good nor bad, it is what it is. It is the only body I have and it is priceless. It is my closest and dearest companion. I love it the way it is because it is very valuable. And then I take care of it in a loving way and it blossoms in my love.

Have a nice day!

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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