Points to Ponder: March 15, 2018

It has been said that this world is a stage and we are actors. I am a soul. I belong to the world beyond. That world is a world of light, a world of peace. I embark on this journey of life on this stage, take a body and play roles on this stage. I operate with matter and other souls in this material world. It has been really long I have been on the stage. So, the clarity about my real identity and my original state is lost. I have forgotten that I am not the roles I play and that my nature is peace. I have become very enmeshed in this role consciousness. The boundary between the external world and my inner world has become blurred and whatever is happening outside has started permeating into my inner space without any filters. The people and situations or the context in which I play my role affects my consciousness directly and all objectivity is lost. It is a very clouded existence where there is no clarity of thoughts and no control over my inner world in the midst of turbulent circumstances. This is very similar to a situation where you hold a book so near to your eyes that the words become illegible. In such a situation, it is a must that you hold the book a little away from me in order to restore legibility.

Similar is the situation of life today. In order to restore sanity, one has to practice detachment. I must take a break from my enmeshed existence and come to the awareness that I am a soul separate from the body. I mentally move to the world of light that lies beyond this physical world. From there, I look at this stage. Each actor is playing his role. The principle of cause and effect governs this stage. Everything is happening for a reason. My present context is also in accordance with this law. I am moving in time on this world stage. At every second, the choices I make with respect to how and what to think, speak or act is my karma. It is making my destiny. My circumstances may be difficult. People may not be nice to me. But I have a choice regarding whether to react or to respond. My response is determining my destiny. I return to the stage with this awareness and perform responsible karma.

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