Points to Ponder: March 17, 2018

Yesterday we saw that fear is born out of attachment. Today we shall understand attachment. Attachment is born out of spiritual weakness. The soul is an entity complete in itself. I am a soul. A soul is energy. I am the energy of peace, purity, love, bliss and power. I am made up of these elements. In my original state, I am replete with these qualities. I embark on this world stage as an actor and play different roles taking the costume of the body. I come into the cycle of birth and death. Every birth, I take a new costume and a new role. In so doing, I expend my spiritual energy and get depleted. Just like when the sun sets, darkness creeps in, similarly, ego, attachment, greed, anger and lust slowly set into my being to fill the gap arising out of the paucity of love, peace, purity, bliss and power. The ability of the soul to be unconditionally peaceful, joyful and loveful becomes limited and it grows dependent on the availability of people, places and things. Change in people, places and things means change in my state of peace and happiness. Hence the fear of not losing them and the worry to ensure their continuity and growth. Even with the knowledge that fear and worry are counterproductive, a state free from fear and worry seems difficult.
One cannot fight darkness or dispel darkness by working with darkness. It requires an influx of light to drive away the darkness. Similarly, one cannot fight fear because fear does not exist on its own. It is the absence of spiritual power that is the cause of fear. Hence, fear can be dispersed by introducing spiritual light and might. The source of spiritual light and might is God. Meditation enables us to connect to the source and draw the light and power of God into my being. I sit in silence and unplug my mind from all things and activities around me. I come to the awareness that I am soul, a being of light. I orient myself towards the world beyond. In that world of light beyond, God, the ocean of love and peace resides. I glide into the ocean of love and peace that flows in that world and move towards the source. I sit in the company of God, the blissful point of light showering His love on me. In this blissful moment, all my fears, worry, stress and hurt is washed off by the streams of love emerging from God. Time freezes in this moment. I relish this divine communion. I come back refreshed and recharged.

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