Holistic Success – I

Points to Ponder: March 18, 2018

We all want to be successful. We have all thought about this topic of success sometime or the other in our life. Success is understood very subjectively by each of us. It means different things to different people. For a child, success sometimes means being able to convince his parents not to go to school today, it sometimes means getting the desired rank or marks in school. For someone who does not have a degree, success means having a degree. For someone who does not have a job, it means having a job. For someone who does not have a good companion, it lies in finding one. For someone who is not able to conceive, having a baby also is a parameter of being successful. Also, at different points of time in life, different things matter to us and having them translates into a feeling of euphoria while not being able to have it or reach it often leads to a feeling of acute discontent. 
Today I would like to share with you my reflections on this subject of success. The way I have seen people approaching this subject of success and I too have had a similar approach for quite sometime of my life and having discarded that idea now, I feel the way we have conventionally approached success is very lopsided and myopic. Lopsided in the sense that in the pursuit of one aspect of life, it is often seen that one’s distribution of time, energy and other resources becomes so skewed that one forgets to see that other areas of our life which are equally important suffer a great deal and when one is too obsessed with a certain thing, they do not even take cognizance of the fact that other dimensions are suffering. For example, a person driven by professional aspirations often neglects his/ her physical and mental health and also relationships to such an extent that when the time to celebrate the professional success arrives, and the person looks around, he finds that he /she is more of a loner and that even his body or mind is also not capable of celebration. So, I feel that we need to explore this idea of success in a more inclusive, holistic and farsighted manner than how it is approached in the present time. We will discuss more on this tomorrow.

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