Holistic Success – III

Points to Ponder: March 20, 2018

I have been sharing that according to me success can be defined as arriving at a perfect balance between our physical, mental,social, emotional and spiritual health, relationships and work. Today we shall understand how to arrive at this. Let us first decide what comes first. In present times, the order in which we place these aspect of life are first work, then relationships and then health and by health our entire focus is on just one dimension of health which is physical health. Let us check if this order is correct. My world starts from me. I say my body, my mind, my relationships and my work. So the natural starting point is the self. I am a soul with a mind and body. I form relationships and do work. If I am unwell, all else must suffer. So one must first achieve a healthy spirit in order to set everything else right.

What do I mean by a healthy spirit? Just like a healthy body is one that is not susceptible to illness when the environment changes, a healthy soul is one who is not susceptible to changes in physical health, people’s behaviour and external circumstances. If I can maintain a stable state of being in the midst of a world full of uncertainty, I am a healthy soul.Such a soul has the capacity to create positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts independent of the context of its operation and as such has a healthy mind. A healthy soul is not very prone to physical disease as most of our diseases these days are psychosomatic. Also then I am immune to ego attacks and attachment fits and hence have the power to form good relationships. When the soul, mind and body are healthy, anything I do is infused with creative energy and my work is also good quality . This is the formula for success. Tomorrow we shall understand more about spiritual health.

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