Spiritual Health – I

Points to Ponder: March 21, 2018

Today we will understand what I mean by spiritual health and also how to ensure that I, the soul am healthy. For this, first let us understand the soul. Everyone says that the soul is an energy but no body tells what kind of energy is the soul. Is it nuclear, elastic, thermal, chemical energy or some other kind of energy? The soul is actually made up of the energy of purity, peace, love, bliss and power. These collectively are the light of the soul. Just like the body is an earthly thing and is composed of five elements of matter viz. earth, fire, water, air and ether similarly, the soul is a non material entity composed of five non material components. Just like the body has organs such as the hands, legs, heart, brain etc., the soul has three subtle organs i.e the mind, intellect and sanskars. The mind is the organ of the soul that can think and feel. A good intellect has the ability differentiate good from bad, logical from illogical, true from false, coherent from incoherent. The intellect also has the ability to understand concepts and ideas. The sanskars are acquired personality traits. If the soul performs an action of the mind, word or deed repeatedly, it leaves an imprint on the soul in the form of a sanskar. For example, if I lie for a certain number of times, it becomes a habit with me and finds place in my sanskar.

Just like it requires an effort to keep the body healthy through the right kind of diet and exercise, it requires a certain amount of effort to ensure spiritual health as well. If a person goes on eating endlessly or indiscriminately or both and does not engage in any form of physical exercise, pain starts developing in the body. A pain is a signal that something needs to be changed. However, if one continues to ignore the pain and does not change his ways, the pain grows and ultimately physical ailments develop. Similarly, if I continue using my mind and intellect to feed the soul too much content and of such quality that is not in consonance with the fabric of the soul, we experience pain in the form of stress and mental and spiritual discomfort. The soul is pure energy. The beliefs that we hold in our intellect today and the resultant thoughts and feelings that our mind creates are generally not in keeping with the fabric of the soul. Let us take some examples. A very common feeling that we experience these days is worry. Worry is something that we all do all the time. We worry for our body, for our friends, family, for our neighbors, for the society, for the world, the universe. In short, we constantly worry. We worry for things that we can do something about and in case of things that we cannot do anything about, we at least worry. Worry is assumed to be our moral duty. And worry is costing us heavily. It is not in line with the purity of the soul. The soul is pure energy and this constant worry is casting a shadow of peacelessness in the soul. It is weakening the soul. This is just one example of how we are feeding the soul with improper diet. We will continue this tomorrow.

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