Spiritual Health – II

Points to Ponder: March 22, 2018

Today we shall look into what is the right kind of diet and exercise for a soul. Just like you prepare the food you eat and and sometimes you might go on preparing and consuming unhealthy food day after daybecause either you are not aware of what is healthy or  you do not know how to prepare healthy food. Similarly, the soul creates thoughts through the mind and also feeds on these very thoughts. We discussed that the soul is made up of purity, peace, love, bliss and power. But because of this creation and consumption of thoughts based on lust, anger, ego, attachment, greed, envy, fear, criticism, comparison, hatred etc etc the soul has acquired a sanskar of these negative traits. Sanskars can be compared to the unhealthy fat deposits in the body due to wrong eating patterns. This is a vicious cycle. I think as I am, I become as I think and so I continue as I am. So an unhealthy soul is constantly creating unhealthy thoughts and then feeding on its own thoughts only to become more unhealthy. Now what is the way out? The way out is to become aware of this predicament, learn what is the right way to think and practice it to perfect a spiritually healthy thought pattern.

Let us reflect on what is the right way to think. Thoughts that are in keeping with the original fabric of the soul can only be considered as right thoughts. There are thoughts that take us closer to our peaceful, pure, loveful, blissful and powerful state and others that wean us away from it. However, this is not the way we conventionally perceive right and wrong. For example, getting angry on a person who is unpunctual or indisciplined is considered to be right in the world. In some cases, it is also recommended in conventional practice that one must get angry and outraged about acts of violence or abuse but one has to think deeply on such matters. Does my getting angry solve or mollify the problem? No. It only creates thought patterns of anger in me. And such an angry state makes me uncomfortable and reduces my spiritual power. In order to actually deal with a turbulent situation, I need a good measure of spiritual power. Hence, righteous anger as professed in the world is neither right nor good nor useful nor spiritually healthy. Let us today acknowledge this spiritually unhealthy habit and make an effort to do away with it. We will continue thistomorrow.

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