Spiritual Health – III

Points to Ponder: March 23, 2018

Yesterday we understood how the soul feeds on the very thoughts it creates. Our immediate environment and memories are the primary source of our thoughts. If we look around we discover that most of the time, the environment that we are in and the memories that we carry do not stimulate positive or purposeful thinking. There is a lot of waste and negative thinking that one engages in owing to the environment and memories. Waste thinking can be defined as thinking about that which one cannot change. This primarily consists of thoughts about the past, future and the other(people and situations). Just like if you churn curd, what you get is butter but if you churn water you only get tired arms. Similarly, if one churns on things that one has sway over, thoughts are productive and purposeful while thinking about that which is not under our control is unproductive and only depletes spiritual energy. Also, in cases where we are thinking about things that we can do something about, we usually churn in the wrong direction focusing more on the problem and the causes of the problem with an intention to fix responsibility on someone else rather than looking for solutions and eliciting cooperation to come out of the problem. This mind is a huge grind mill which when used to churn on powerful and elevated thoughts and in the right direction can lead to enhanced spiritual strength.

The most beautiful part is that our mind is never at rest. If we do not make the effort to infuse it with consciously created elevated thoughts, it gets triggered by the environment and memories to produce wasteful and often negative thoughts. One must spend time creating awareness about one’s thoughts. I have to practice the art of detaching from my surroundings and going within carrying the torch of wisdom to see my mind and then guide it to create positive thoughts. The light of wisdom alone can dispel the darkness of memories and of wrong lessons learnt in the past and only then I can guide the mind to discover the path of positive thought. We will talk about wisdom tomorrow.

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