Points to Ponder: March 24, 2018

Yesterday we saw how wisdom is the light in which we see our inner world clearly. Have you noticed how any space has to be regularly tidied and arranged in order to prevent it from cluttering. We need to visit all spaces that belong to us regularly to identify the unwanted matter that has accumulated in there and clear it out at regular intervals. Similar is our mind space. Our mind space has also become very messy because we have not visited it dispassionately for a long time. Because it is messy inside, we keep shifting the anchor of our attention to neater and more attractive places outside and we are constantly in the lookout for newer people, places and things to mentally cling on to and distract ourselves so that we do not have to confront our untidy mind space. But now we notice that we are also getting tired of this constant running around and frantic search for distractions. 
When you go to an untidy room to clear it up, it often feels that every single thing lying there still holds a possibility of being used on another occasion. It is this idea itself that let things get piled up. It requires understanding to identify that if it has not been used until so long, it probably would never be. It also requires detachment and courage to throw it out or sell it to the other. Similarly, the things that we have held on to for very long i.e grudges, complaints, misunderstandings, unfulfilled desires, hurt etc also appear very personal and useful. The illusion that they are important to me is very strong. Wisdom lies in understanding that I am basically a pure and peaceful being and these feelings are not in consonance with my nature. It is with this torch of wisdom that we can clearly see what is to be held on to and what is to be discarded or given away to God. I also need to have detachment from my own idea of things and the courage to separate from myself that which is causing pain because somewhere we identify with our pain and its cause also. After that one has to open the windows of the heart and let the love and peace of God flow into the mind and fill it with freshness and serenity.

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