Purity, Peace and Prosperity

Points to Ponder: March 26, 2018

Purity is the mother of Peace and Prosperity. Today we shall explore this. First let us understand these three virtues. Let us start with purity. Purity is mostly thought of as synonymous with cleanliness. In an age where we are only concerned with the external, purity is thought of as ensuring that my body, house and everything around is spick and span. On religious occasions, all our focus is on cleaning our house and surroundings and having a good bath before carrying out the rituals. We also talk of pure gold, pure milk etc. which means unadulterated or uncontaminated. In religion, purity has also been related to freedom from immorality, usually of a sexual nature. Priests and sages are considered to be pure beings because they refrain from sexual conduct. Purity, in my understanding includes all of this but is not limited to this. It is much more.

The symbol of purity is the lotus flower. The lotus flower is characteristic of detachment and beauty. It thrives in muddy water but the dirt cannot touch it. Purity is a power. Purity within allows you to remain free from the dirt outside. Pure is beautiful. It attracts the onlooker even when placed amidst ugliness. Purity is intrinsic. It is inside out. It does not thrive on the external. It serves the external. Purity is a condition of the soul, not of the body, nor of the place the body inhabits. When the soul is pure, it shines through even an imperfect body and makes it venerable. Purity is a state of the soul where it is free from ego, attachment and greed, anger and lust. Purity is the seed of peace and prosperity. White symbolises purity. Any small taint is highly visible on a white fabric. Purity is also highly sensitive to vices. A pure soul can detect even a very small trace of lust, ego, anger, attachment and greed in itself. Purity is precious. It makes one valuable. Purity determines the intrinsic value of a soul. In a world where people have prices, value is a coveted possession. Purity and the resultant value it renders to the soul establishes it in self value or self esteem. Such a soul radiates beauty, meaning and purpose to the other while being positioned in great self esteem. We will continue this tomorrow.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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