Guiding myself back to Purity

Points to Ponder: March 27, 2018

Yesterday we explored the characteristics of a pure soul. We understand that right now, I, the soul, am away from my pure state. Today we shall understand the process of purification of the soul. The malware that has crept into the soul and is interfering with its pure and powerful state is lust, anger, ego, attachment and greed which can collectively be called vices. Restoring the soul to its original state of purity is a three step process:

1) Introducing into myself, the soul, the antidote to these vices i.e peace, purity, love, bliss and power.

2) Not using the acquired vices in thought, words and behavior and hence losing it gradually.

3) Vices are embedded into the soul in the form of sanskars. These sanskars get triggered by association. For example, during the day, we encounter sights, sounds, touches, smells that trigger vicious feelings. Also, ruminating over the past triggers associations that bring these vices into play. Hence, exercising restraint in interacting with audio visual mediums and also engaging in more of conscious reflective thinking rather than unconscious automated thinking.

So working towards purity involves meditating at the break of dawn. Meditation can simply be described as remembering God. It involves orienting my mind to the world beyond and seeing the ocean of love and light. As I tune in my mind with the being of God, God’s love and light starts flowing into my mind and my inner vices start getting replaced with God’s virtues. Then as I walk through the day, I take care to have patience, talk with peace, have an attitude of love and respect, move with hope and faith during the day. I also take care to stay more connected to my inner world and abstain from engaging with audio visual medium more than what is unavoidable. I take care to go back to my inner world from time to time and ask myself, “How are you?”, “Are you feeling peaceful?”. If not, I again take out few seconds and revisit my Father to draw love and light.

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