Take a Break

Points to Ponder: March 28, 2018

We are all aware of the concept of taking a break. Usually what we understand by the expression is to change place and move to a different surrounding for a while to arrive at a different experience. Life in general is full of stress and worry these days. Taking a physical break helps us take a break from the associated stress and worry. A very common expression that we use is “Out of sight out of mind”. So moving away from a place helps us detach from it and experience feelings other than those associated with the place and the situation in that place. So we take a lot of effort, pack our bags, plan our travel, spend through the nose and as soon as we start feeling relaxed, it is time to go back. And no sooner than we return, the feelings of stress and anxiety greet us at the doorstep.

Today we will understand a different way of taking a break. For this, I would request you to first answer one simple question. Is it possible that your body and your mind are in two different places at one point of time? Yes. And where are you? With your body or with your mind? A little reflection will tell us that you are where your mind is. So this means that even while continuing in the same surrounding, if I can just shift my mind to a different place, I would feel differently. If we closely observe, our mind is not in the present most of the time. It is either in the past, or in the future or with the other (people and situations both). Our mind is usually with bitter memories or future fears or constantly questioning situations and people the way they are. So, we need to actually take a break from this pattern of the mind. Let me plan an interesting holiday right now. I sanction myself a leave of just a minute from the here and now. I keep my body still as I do not want it to interfere in my journey. I pack up my thoughts that are scattered all over and just give myself a one minute break. I detach my mind from my body and the world around. I retreat into my inner space, my mind space. My mind space is full of light and peace. It is vibrating with the energy of peace. I stay there for just a minute, feeling it with my awareness. I come back to the mundane refreshed and recharged.

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