Busy Outside, Easy Inside – I

Points to Ponder: April 2, 2018

Our lives today are full of hustle and bustle. We are all always brimming with this energy of over activity. The signal that we constantly send out to the other is “I am busy”. But if we take a pause today and look at our average day, we would find that we are not producing as much output as we are producing stress. This is why another common expression we use today is “Very busy, doing nothing”. A slight reflection would tell us that we are so worked up in our mind all the time that although there isn’t a lot to do on the external, it renders us stressed and fatigued. Our mind today is full of thoughts of comparison, competition, worry, anger, ego. These thoughts are negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are fast in speed and bombard our mind space. They many in number and fast in speed. As a result, our mind invaded by negative thoughts experiences this state of being very busy. Consequently, our body is also in the ” Fight or Flight” mode most of the time and all our mental as well as physical energy gets expended just by the way we think.

The ideal way for things to be is to be busy outside and easy inside. Because as soon as we are busy inside, we can never be easy outside. It is very important to ensure that our mind is easy. However, a mind full of thoughts of worry, comparison, competition, envy, ego anger can never be easy. Also, the way we are using our mind and consequently our body in this state of mental hyperactivity is quite unsustainable. A glance around would open our eyes to the fact that most of us are either in a phase of burnout or approaching it fast. In such a state, it is most important to first understand that I am the one creating my thoughts and I am the one who has the power to change them as well. Tomorrow we will explore more on this.

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