Busy Outside, Easy Inside-II

Points to Ponder: April 3, 2018

1) The experience of time is related to the number of events that take place in that time. If the number of events is more, time seems to fly by faster. If the number of events is less, time seems to slow down. For example, you are in your office where a lot is happening, then time flies by fast. But if you are at home and not much is happening, time appears to have slowed down. This is precisely what Einstein professed in his theory of relativity.

2) We experience events in our mind. For example, you are still at home, where not much is happening, but you switch on the television. Now you have plugged in your mind to the whole world. Now, whatever is happening in any part of the world is being experienced by you. Or you start remembering past events. They run through you mind one after the other and a whole world of memory comes rushing into your mind space. In such times also, time seems to speed up.

3) From the two points above it seems that if I can slow down my thoughts or declutter my mindspace, I would be able to make time and feel relaxed even in busy environments. Slowing down my thoughts is equivalent to slowing down time. So, I can experience serenity even in active environments if I can learn the art of minding my own mind.

Tomorrow we will learn the art of minding my own mind and also discuss whether it will lead to loss of agility.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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