Valuing Your Happiness

Points to Ponder: April 10, 2018

Value is the foundation of choice. We choose that which we value. It is often seen that we do not choose happiness. This implies that we do not value it. Let us take an example. Your house help accidentally breaks your favourite glass flower vase. In such a situation, what do you value? Your happiness or your flower vase. We mourn the loss of things that we value. But in the mourning, forget that we are losing the most valuable. Things will come and go. But happiness has to stay. It is not conditional upon the availability of things. Happiness is a possession of my inner world. Things are a possession of my outer world. My inner world is a product of my beliefs, thoughts and feelings. My outer world is a world of possessions and attainments. They are separate from each other. My happiness is not contingent upon my possessions.

This can be proved in a very simple manner. It is assumed in the world that if one has less or loses what he has, then it is natural to be unhappy. This implies that if I have more and do not lose what I have then it should be natural to be happy. However, it is seen that as our life has proceeded. we have only had more and more but that has not made us happier and happier. This means that possessions outside and happiness inside are only assumed to be correlated but actually they are not. Happiness is a choice. And we choose that which we value. So the most important thing for us to ask ourselves is whether we value our happiness? There are no reasons for happiness and no reasons for unhappiness. One’s realisation of the value of happiness is the reason to stay happy. So next time the vase breaks, choose to be happy because vases can be bought but happiness must be conserved. And once we lose it, It doesn’t come back with the new vase. This is why, not only happiness but also our propensity to stay happy has reduced over the years.

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