Take Stock

Points to Ponder: April 11, 2018

Each one of us take stock of our wealth from time to time. Even if we have enough for the day, month or year ahead, we are always ardent to add to the stock continuously so that it is never short of need. Today we shall take some time to reflect on what are uses that the stock of money can be put to use for and also figure our if there are certain areas crucial to our life that money cannot take care of. All our physical requirements of food, clothing, shelter, physical necessities as well as luxuries can of course be met by money. What about or emotional needs? What about our social needs? What about our spiritual needs? What about our mental needs? First let us try to define these. Emotional need is the need to be heard, the need to be cared, the need to be accompanied, the need for personal acknowledgement and appreciation, the need for a loving caress and the like. Social needs can be defined as a sense of being worthy or valuable to others, a need for popular respect and  acknowledgement, a need for security, a sense of being part of a larger community. Spiritual needs are the need for a feeling of contentment and completeness, a state of being happy and at peace, a state of being a whole entity who is not seeking to receive but willing to give. Mental needs are the need of good food for thought, the need of the mind to be stimulated with ideas that trigger the creative, analytical, critical or logical self.

It is a common perception that the one who  is wealthy has people flocking to them and society felicitating them. Apparently it may also seem so. But if the foundation of my relationships and social acknowledgment is wealth, then all my relationships and social standing would also last only as long as my wealth lasts. Also, just like money does not have any intrinsic value as it is just paper notes, similarly, the quality of our relationships and social standing would also not have its foundations on authentic love and respect. And spiritual and mental fulfillment is also not possible through money. Today, let us reflect on whether we are spending all our resources of mental and physical energy, time, the capacity to form relationships and also money only to earn more money? Let us take stock of all our accounts and check if our progress is balanced and holistic? We will discuss more on this tomorrow.

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