Nurturing What Matters

Points to Ponder: April 12, 2018

Today let us make a list of all that matters to us. My list would start with my inner self. I do because I am, I have because I am. If I, the self am not fine, then all else cannot be. Then comes the mind. The mind is where who I am is projected in the form of thoughts and feelings. My thoughts and feelings matter too as they decide my attitude, behaviour and consequently my habits, personality, relationships and destiny. My body matters too as it is the vehicle on which I, the self ride and undertake this journey of life. A good vehicle is my first good companion who makes this journey of life a joyride. Then, the companions on this journey of life matter. People, whether they come as family or friends or colleagues or simply co travellers matter. All because love, companionship and belonging is important. But what I feel is people are not important because they give me love, care and a sense of belonging but because I can love, care and give them a sense of belonging if they are there. In giving we receive. So it is very important to have people who are willing to receive and give us the opportunity to give. Then comes work. Work is important as it keeps me busy. It gives me food for thought, it engages my time and physical strength in productive ways.  Then comes money which comes with good work. Money matters as well. Because it buys me food, clothing , shelter, necessities and luxuries, all of which matter for a comfortable life.

So, my day begins with first nurturing the self by connecting to the Supreme. I sit in self awareness and draw the light of God into my being to awaken the peace, happiness and love within. Then I nurture my mind with peaceful, purposeful and powerful thoughts. I read some powerful literature or reflect on some elevated ideas to set the direction of my mind early in the morning. Then I spend some time giving some exercise to the body and proceed to family. Wake them up lovingly, cook in love. Make preparations for my day ahead as well as theirs with a lot of love. Then set off to work and look forward to a day full of productivity and purpose. As the day proceeds, I take breaks to revisit my self as it is the foundation of my world. I make sure it is in its purest place and if it is not, reinstate it by realigning with God. As my day ends, I look back at a day well spent and look forward to the beautiful world that I create.

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