Do you do that which the world rewards or that which the universe celebrates ?

Points to Ponder: April 13, 2018

Do you do that which the world rewards or that which the universe celebrates? First let us understand the difference between these two acts. The world follows rules that humans formulated in the form of laws that I, in accordance with my gender, age, caste, religion, nationality, social context of professional context must observe. For example, a father should be strict, a mother loving and a child obedient. Or that a doctor should be caring and a policeman intimidating etc etc. These rules vary across  cultures, countries, time etc. And there is a whole set of people and voices who convey these rules to us in loud or subtle ways. Then there are legal prescriptions which also one must abide by. And anyone who does not follow these rules is punished by the legal society or society or family in various ways which include disapproval, peer pressure, criticism or more severe ones like ostracism or public lynching or being punished by law.
There are also certain other rules that the universe follows and unfortunately humans do not educate us very much about these rules. The law of karma is an example of such a rule. But anyways these rules exist whether we acknowledge them or not. And anyone who goes against these rules suffers from mental, emotional and physical illnesses, bad relationships and unfavourable circumstances.
Understanding the world, it’s rules and it’s ways is important. However, it is not sufficient. Understanding the universe and tuning into it, aligning ourselves with it in a way to conserve its harmony is also crucial. I have seen people who have understood the world and danced to it’s time to the best of their ability but they still remained unfulfilled at the end of their life. A life of fulfillment is a reward that the universe alone can give us only if we acknowledge and live by its rules.

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