World Family

Points to Ponder: April 16, 2018

We have heard that we are a part of this world family. This whole world is my family. It consists of my brothers and sisters. We all belong to that Supreme Parent. We are all related to each other through our consciousness of being His children. A family is a group of people who may be similar or dissimilar to each other but are related through the consciousness of consanguinity,affinity or the like.  Similarly, in this world family, we all belong to each other through our consciousness that we are all souls, children of the Supreme Soul.

In a family, we accommodate each other despite our differences. We understand that each of us have unique habits, capacities, ambitions but that does not deter us from having mutual love, acceptance and respect. Also, in a family, gains and losses are shared. We understand that we exist together. We understand that we rise together and fall together. We understand that one member’s weaknesses can be balanced by the other’s strength. We tend to take responsibility for collective growth. We tend to fill in areas where one is lacking so that the overall well being is not compromised. There is as sense of ownership and belonging.

Today we must ponder over whether I believe in the spirit of this world family. My family is passing through a very precarious stage. I am a part of this world. It is a time to decide whether to continue shifting the blame to others or to take personal responsibility of steering this world away from its present condition. The fabric of this world is falling apart. It can only be held together by our consciousness of belonging and consequent responsibility. We have all performed and are still performing our roles as a member of the limited families of life, work and society. Are we willing to understand and take cognizance of our role as a member of this unlimited family of humankind? Whether we realise it or not, we are all sailing in the same boat and although, it might not be very evident from my window of limited perception that I am up against a storm, It is worthwhile to open my door of awareness and assess what we are up against. And once I realise what we are up against, I do not need to fret and frown, I rather need to educate and empower myself to deal with this present human condition and also lend support and strength to others and together we shall lift humanity from the clutches of inhumanity.

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