Extinguishing the Fire of Anger

Points to Ponder: April 17, 2018

Yesterday we discussed that each one of us has a role to play as a member of this world family. Today we shall begin to understand  that role. We would begin by exploring the word compassion. Compassion is defined in the world as “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”. When we find someone in pain, we feel pity for them. We feel sorrowful about the sorrow of others. This is considered to be a natural reaction to suffering and misfortune of others. We feel sorrowful, express our sorrow in the form of gestures and words of pity and more often than not it ends there. Along with feeling pity for the victim, we sometimes have anger and disdain for the one who we hold responsible for the sorrow and suffering. So, getting angry and feeling sorrowful are the tools that we are using to solve the problem of suffering in the world.

Fire never extinguished fire. Water is needed to put an end to fire. Sorrow cannot eradicate sorrow. Anger cannot finish the wrath and rage that the world is experiencing. What we need is the balm of love and peace. Love and peace are required but not just as a quality, rather as a power. The intensity of love and peace that we uphold should match the intensity of anger, sorrow and rage that is the order of the day. When peace and love are less in intensity, they are like delicate buds that can be crushed by the hammer of anger. However, when peace and love are realised in their full potential, they blossom like the lotus that stands out in the mire and attracts the onlooker to its beauty and dignity. It is not my moral duty to stand up and hurl abuses at the perpetrators but it is my spiritual duty to sit down, meditate and adorn myself with the power of love and peace. Power need not be aggressive, it can be soft in appearance and very powerful in its effect.

Appearances are deceptive. The ones who look powerful are not the ones who are powerful. They are rather the weak camouflaging their weakness under the veil of ego and anger. The powerful may look vulnerable but is not. He is fortified with the spiritual strength of love and peace and has shed the garb of ego and anger. Are we ready to be such an embodiment of love and peace and shift the balance of collective consciousness of the world?

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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