Distracting the Distractions With My Will Power

Points to Ponder: April 18, 2018

My aim defines distractions. The definition of distraction varies with my purpose. For example, movies are a distraction for a student but the center of focus for a movie critic. Identifying distractions in accordance with one’s aim and doing away with them is crucial to the realisation of one’s aim. If I, myself set an aim and then let myself be distracted by people, things or events that are of no consequence to my aim, it simply implies that I am not in sincere pursuit of my aim. For example, if I am a student and my aim is to secure good marks, then I should be able to detect that which distracts me, kills my time and energy, diverts my attention and takes me further from my goal. The clearer my aim, the more powerful my will to attain that which I seek, the less powerful are distractions.

There are so many people who glorify distractions and say that they are very powerful. I, however feel that when my purpose is weak, the forces stopping me from reaching it are stronger. It is my own weakness that renders the opposition strong. And this is usually because most of our ambitions are borrowed. We borrow other people’s ambitions and make them our own. I am a unique self with a unique purpose. I need to assess myself objectively, weigh my strengths and weaknesses, look at my past to know my abilities, look at my heart to know my possibilities, find out what the universe is beckoning me for and then, when with my whole heart I discern and decide my path and my goal, I am focused. Nothing can take away my zeal, nothing can deter me or distract me because then I have the power of God and the universe with me. Yes, I am here for a purpose. And if I am for my purpose, then all the positive forces are for me. They propel me towards my purpose. So, today let me stop glorifying distractions and start celebrating my victory that is just a few steps away, waiting to embrace me.

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