For Giving

Points to Ponder: April 19, 2018

Each of us is a divine being. Most of us are oblivious of our own divinity at the moment. We consider ourselves to be human beings. We have heard “To err is human and to forgive divine”. So, we know that a human errs and the divine forgives. The divine forgives and also, the divine is for giving. Which means a human is always seeking while the divine is always giving. God tells us that our nature is divine while our second nature, acquired nature or habit is human. And it is said that habits die hard. Our divinity is presently a slave of our habits. There is the habit of seeking. Seeking love, seeking appreciation, seeking approval, seeking care, empathy, money, position, status etc. There is the habit of constantly reinforcing our seeking self through our thoughts, words and actions. The divinity, the generosity, the quality of giving is buried under the habit of seeking. It needs to be awakened. But even before it is awakened, it needs to be acknowledged. Let me first acknowledge my divinity within. Let me first acknowledge that my original nature is to forgive and to give. How can I be sure that it is so?

Just experiment this. Start with yourself. Release your giving self by unlocking your divinity with the key of the thought ” I am a giving being”. Try giving yourself a compliment today. Try appreciating yourself today. And while you do so, take care that you do not seek it from outside. Try giving yourself a gift today and try thanking yourself for giving yourself a gift today. And while you do so, again check whether your seeking self is up and raising its ugly head. If yes, ask it to relax. Tell it that I am enough for myself. I am giving. I am the giver. When I am famous for giving to the world, cant I be giving to myself? Just Ask your seeking self to have a holiday and party with your giving self. Watch yourself as your giving self loves you, in abundance because that is your quality. You are abundantly giving. Give yourself everything that you want and rejoice in this discovery of divinity within.

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