From Living in Dream to Living Your Dream

Points to Ponder: April 21, 2018

Dreams are made up of ideas that are a far cry from present reality. They may be a reality of the past or the future but they are certainly just a dream at the present. Most of us live in dreams. We do not live in reality. The reality is what it is. What makes the reality appear good or bad is our dream. We live in our dreams and in the illusion that our dreams are true and that is why we give a reaction of bewilderment, anger, sorrow or disappointment to the reality. We use words like right and wrong, should be and shouldn’t be because we are looking at what is through the glasses of what my idea of it is. Whereas truth is very simple. It is bare, right in front of us. But we hate to acknowledge it, try to run away from it in the hope that if I run away or dismiss it, it would change but it still stays as it is.

Living our dream or making our dream a reality first requires understanding and acceptance of the reality. It may sound paradoxical, but acceptance is the first step to change. Living our dream requires first observing what is, then acknowledging it, ceasing to resist it, coming to terms with it, then modifying it to make what I want to make of it. Man can be a magician if he works with the power of God. the power of God is acceptance. God never resists, God is never hurt by what is. He works with what is. Once man understands this and works with what is, infusing it with peaceful, loveful, powerful and honest effort, he can transform it. He can create a miracle out of dust if he just does away with his preoccupation with dreams. A dream becomes a reality when we wake up from our dream and work towards it with enthusiasm founded on awareness and acceptance.

In Spiritual Service

Brahma Kumaris

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