My Pure Self is My Best Friend

Points to Ponder: April 25, 2018

The best friend is indispensable. He is your constant companion, always around, your sounding board, your counselor, adviser, your source of strength, he is the one who believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. But such a friend is rare. The world today is bereft of this magician known as the best friend. We all yearn for one but few have one. Today we shall discover another best friend that everyone has but does not acknowledge. That best friend is always with me, but I fail to approach him, reach out to him because he has been neglected for so long that he is practically inaccessible at the moment.

That best friend is my pure self. My pure self has three powers. It has a peaceful mind, an accurate conscience and divine personality. This makes my best friend the best in the world. My pure self is a very worthy asset to have. And I have it. It is just that I have not kept in touch with it. I got spoilt in the company of my angry, selfish, seeking self and ignored my divine self. I ignored it to such an extent that we do not interact anymore. And this explains my lonely, friendless existence. My pure self is endowed with a wise conscience. A conscience that gives me the power to discern possibilities and make good decisions. My pure self is my guiding light and also my most reliable sounding board. Endowed with a peaceful mind, it is my best companion who lends an ear to all my concerns and grievances while comforting me and giving me peace. My pure self is also divine in personality. It is free from my vagaries and weaknesses, it is powerful and stable and as soon as I get in touch with it, it takes away all my problems which are nothing but an offshoot of my vicious self. Today is the day that I rediscovered my best friend.Tomorrow we learn how to reclaim my lost friend.

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