Winning back my best friend

Points to Ponder: April 26, 2018

We are living in an age where befriending, unfriending and refriending, all happens at the click of a mouse. However, refriending our pure self is not that simple a task. My pure self, who used to be my best friend does not like to share space with my acquired self. My acquired self that consists of my egoistic self, angry self, lustful self, greedy, comparing, criticizing, complaining and yearning self keep me company almost every second of the day. These friends of mine, who keep me accompanied all day appear to be friends but are actually enemies. For example, if we consider anger, it poses as a friend as it gets the job done quickly or makes people follow my dictates instantly. However, it is slowly eating away my spiritual, mental and physical energy. Also, it is ruining my relationships and is making me an angry person who is not comfortable with himself. But these frenemies are hard to do away with at the moment because they are the only friends I am left with. The only way out for me is to win back my loyal and wise friend, my pure self.

It is only early in the morning, at the break of dawn when all of these frenemies are sleeping, that my pure self waits for me to approach it. At that time, I wake up and spend some time with that best friend of mine. I acknowledge it, talk to it and sit in the proud awareness that I am with my pure self. This association strengthens me. It gives me purity and strength. As the day proceeds, again my frenemies surround me. But my best friend pulls me. I steal some moments during the day to isolate my mind from all these negative feelings and again go back to my pure self. I cherish its company, learn from what it has to say, seek guidance from it about the path to follow and take power from it to follow the right path. Slowly and gradually,the company of my best friend colours me in such ways that I myself start changing and my frenemies find me redundant and leave me. Then, I and my best friend come together forever again.

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