Points to Ponder: May 1, 2018


Humility is often understood as the the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. However, I would like to explore this quality in a different light. What I have understood from my observation of the world is that we view this world through the lens of comparison. If someone is good, another one must be better and another one worse. Why can’t we all be good? The fact is we are all good. Each one of us is unique and there is unique goodness that each one of us embodies. Why don’t we just break free from this cage of comparative thinking and just acknowledge that we are all just good. We are uniquely endowed and each one is special. In certain situations, my specialties are of greater use than that of someone else. I may be more well suited for some tasks and someone else may be more fitting for something else. However, that does not necessarily translate into “I am better or worse than the other”.


Also, humility is sometimes defined as the quality of not being proud because you are aware of your bad qualities. We seriously need to look into this definition as well. Does it imply that being perfect and being proud go together? Does it mean that only if you are bad, you should be humble? Is it that goodness makes you proud? Is it not that goodness and humility go together? In my opinion, humility in itself is a very good quality. I do not and should not possess it by virtue of being aware that I have bad qualities. Humility comes from acknowledging the spiritual law that every soul is unique and good. It is only when we see through the lens of criticism that souls appear bad. Once we shed that lens, we start appreciating the good in each one. And it all starts with me. I first shed the lens of self criticism. When I understand and appreciate my unique beauty and purpose, I also stop being critical about others. I jump out of the circle of comparison and criticism and enter the world of mutual respect and harmony.

In Spiritual Service

Brahma Kumaris

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