The Drama of God and the Devil

Points to Ponder: May 2, 2018

Let me take you through a drama today. The drama of Good and evil. This drama has three characters. God, the Ocean of Goodness, I, the child of God and Devil, who is evil personified.

Scene-I: I, the soul, am the child of God. I live in the soul world with my parent, God. I am a point of light. God, my parent is also light. We both reside in that world of light, resonating with purity and peace.That world is a blissful world.

Scene-II: I come to this earth, this stage, to play my destined part. As I come down, I am separated from my parent. However, His teachings stay with me. I think pure thoughts, speak pure words and perform pure deeds. I know I am the real and royal child of God. So although God is away, I am a living image of God. It is a world where goodness and righteousness prevails.

Scene III- I have spent quite some time on this stage. I am wearied. I start forgetting who I am. The time I was with my parent in the soul world is now a faded, distant memory. Now the devil enters the stage. The devil convinces me that he is a powerful friend. Since I am wearied and weak, I love the idea of having a powerful friend.  I make friends with the Devil. I start believing in the ways of the devil. I start trusting in anger, greed and ego. Now I am trapped in the illusion created by the devil. The devil is a craftsman. He lures me into believing that ego and anger are tools of power. That lust and attachment are the tools of happiness and I revel in the security given by ego, anger, lust and attachment while they are only making me increasingly dependent on people, places, things and positions. I, who was once the master of my world, now am a slave of all things material.

To be continued…..

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