The Drama of God and the Devil-II

Points to Ponder: May 3, 2018

Yesterday we explored three scenes of this interesting drama. We saw how I, the child of God was reveling in the illusion created by the devil. The devil is quite successful in his act and it is not very soon that I realise that the devil is not a friend. However, lets see what follows in the drama.

Scene-IV: All my internal powers and qualities that I erstwhile embodied by virtue of being God’s child are gradually lost. Since I am actually God’s child, I had the power to be innately happy, peaceful, loveful, blissful. All that is now lost. I have started depending on people, places, things and positions to make me happy, peaceful, loveful and blissful. I have also lost my intrinsic ability to overpower the external. Now, my situations and circumstances, be it the state of my health or relationships or professional accomplishments, define my state of mind. I have become subservient to the external. I start experiencing sorrow.

Scene- V: I call out to God. I search for Him frantically. I look out for Him everywhere. In such times, some great souls, who are not God but those children of God who are not yet trapped by the devil, come to my rescue. They guide me about my original form and about the form of God. They tell me that I am a point of light and so is God. They also tell me that God is good and suggest that goodness is the path to meet God. However, I have power to be good, perform good deeds. I have also lost faith in myself. I have forgotten my relationship with God. God, my parent, the closest one to me, looks unattainable to me. I do not trust myself that God loves me the way I am, that He is still there for me, that He wont judge me, that He would accept me unconditionally, that He would nurture me. I neither remember God’s identity as my parent, nor do I consider myself worthy of God’s love. So I turn to these great souls for mercy. I beg for mercy while God’s love is my birthright. I beg to be rescued while the powers to rescue myself lie latent in me. I pray for happiness while happiness is my original state of being. It is a peculiar case of mistaken identity wherein I do not recognize my original design. I have mistaken myself to be a weak, sorrowful entity begging for mercy whereas the fact is that as the child of God, I am capable of bringing happiness and power not only to myself, but to the whole world. I wallow in self pity and keep seeking help and guidance while I myself contain the seeds of knowledge. I beg to be pulled out of my condition while I am holding the secrets of coming out of this predicament deep in my heart.

To be continued….

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