The Drama of God and the Devil- III

Points to Ponder: May 4, 2018

Yesterday we saw how I, the child of God was lost in the illusion created by the Devil and cried out for help, oblivious of my own powers. Let us see what happens next.

Scene VI: Anything that we repeat for a long time becomes a habit. Seeking, begging and depending are the habits that I, the soul have acquired now. It all begins with seeking, begging and praying before great souls but slowly, this dependency has become a strong personality trait. Now, I seek and beg from each and everyone around. My sense of self worth is at its nadir and from that low of consciousness, I depend on each one available, irrespective of their capacity to bless me. Now I beg for blessings, love, appreciation, approval, support, motivation endlessly and indiscriminately irrespective of the capacity of the other to quench my thirst. And I give this begging a beautiful name, TRUST. I say, I trust my family, beloved, relatives, friends, teachers, philosophers, religious leaders, political leaders etc etc. and what that basically means is that I am unwilling to take the responsibility of my internal and external state of being. I outsource its well being to you and you have to take care of it. Else, I would allege you of betrayal. Under this guise of trust, I keep expecting, feeling betrayed and complaining endlessly. And now, I start feeling very betrayed and cheated by life and move around with a shattered heart. I feel that people have misled me, cheated on me, whereas the truth is that it is my own sense of mistaken identity and my own false expectations that betrayed me. Nevertheless, my heart is wounded and I have lost that quality of trust. Now I live in mistrust, in fear, in hurt and sorrow.

Scene VII- My parent, God is moved by my plight and He arrives. He comes to me, introduces Himself, beckons me to recognise him, repeatedly tries to convince me about who He is, but I fail to recognise Him. I am so hurt by false expectations that my capacity to recognise the truth is lost. However, God is relentless. He doesn’t give up on me. He persists. He persists in His pursuit of me, in His unconditional shower of love and peace and slowly, my heart starts melting. I am drawn towards Him. Its a eureka moment. Meeting God is something I always wanted but somewhere , I had lost faith that it would happen. And here it is, God himself, who has come to me, who is loving me as a parent loves a child, who is placating me despite my continuous whining. Now, I am in His embrace. And He whispers into my heart the secrets of who I am and educates me about all the false that I believed to be true. He tells me the secrets of the drama. How we parted, how the devil trapped me, how I moved from the garden of harmony to the forest of disharmony. He gives me the power to undo the damage. He reinstates me to my original state with His company and love and we go back to our world of light. Then…… its time for the drama to repeat again.

In Spiritual Service

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