God’s Plan

Points to Ponder: May 8, 2018

God has always been associated with beauty and perfection. Anything beautiful always reminds us of God and when we see something beautiful, it is often remarked  that it appears as if God himself created it with His own hands. God is famous for creating abundance and happiness also and the purpose of God is to create such a world. The world as we know it today, is quite ugly and bereft of the beauty of the spirit. This world which was adorned with the ornaments of humanity, love, mutual respect, complete acceptance of the self and the other, sharing, care, peace and prosperity is now devoid of these riches.
God has been entrusted with the task of creating a utopian world but He cannot do it alone. If He does it alone then He alone would be entitled to transit into such a world because the law says that the fruit accrues to the effortmaker. But paradise belongs to the deities. God is one. Deities are many. So God creates this new world order with the help of erstwhile deities who in turn become masters of the new world. It is very interesting to know that as deities come into the cycle of birth and rebirth, they get corrupted by time and forget their divinity and in oblivion live a life of ordinariness. God calls out to these deities, reminds them of their identity, gives them the knowledge, love and power to transition to their former self. He makes them sacrifice their acquired vices and sanctifies them. Instructs them to carry out the task of creating a world of peace and purity by becoming pure and peaceful and spreading the message.
God’s task in on. He is calling out to the divinity latent in you. Are you ready to join hands with Him in the creation of Satyug? It is only by understanding God’s plan and sacrificing our vices on the directions of God that this world can be restored to its pristine beauty and glory.

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