Identifying Addictions

Points to Ponder: May 9, 2018

Addiction is defined as a disorder wherein one continues to engage in sense stimulating practices despite its adverse consequences. Sight, smell, taste, sound and touch are the five senses on the body. Anything that we do stimulates the senses and gives a sense of pleasure to the mind. The mind seeks happiness. Happiness is often confused with pleasure. Pleasure is felt under the influence of sense stimulation. Happiness is independent of the senses. Happiness is not a fleeting emotion experienced through senses. It is a state of mind that is the property of a contented soul.  Today our life is nothing but an arrangement where we keep hopping from one sense stimulation to the other and any break in between is full of a feeling of low and unhappiness. The nature of addiction is that it makes one an absolute dependent. Our capacity to create feelings of peace and happiness through reflection, contemplation and realisation is almost finished.

Let me ask myself certain questions today. Do I eat more than required? Do I shop or travel or party or holiday more than required? Do I exercise more than required? Do I talk more than required? Does television or gaming or internet surfing lure me or do I productively engage with it with a purpose? Do I trouble people with my physical or emotional demands? Do I try to extract my needs even when they are unable or unwilling to oblige me and in the process disrespect their feelings and hamper my relationships? Do I abuse substances starting from tea and coffee to drugs and alcohol and cigarettes? Am I workaholic? If the answer to any one or more than one of these is yes then I am into addictive behaviour. Anything in the world is a good servant but a bad master. Am I the master of my mind or is my mind subservient to any of the things stated above? The sign of a servant is it follows dictates. If I am the master of my mind, then I do not engage in compulsive behaviour. My behaviour is not dictated by people, places and things. I can be happy and peaceful independent of the presence or absence or behaviour or cooperation or lack of cooperation of people. It is also independent of where I am or what I have or what I do. I engage in relationships keeping in mind the willingness and feelings of the other. I also engage in a behaviour only out of good reasons and purpose and not because I cannot but engage in it. It is high time, we identify our addictions. We will explore more on this tomorrow.

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