Points to Ponder: May 14, 2018

Contentment comes from accepting who I am and what I have and valuing it. Let us look at some of the age old proverbs. It is said “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush” which means that one must value what one has and not underestimate it by attaching greater value to that which one does not have. It is also said, “Work with what you have got” because that alone is available to you. Accepting and valuing the body that I have got, the mental prowess or talents and capabilities, the parents and upbringing, the qualification and the accomplishments I have is important. We often make a distinction between what “I chose” in life and what  “I did not choose”. At times we agree to take responsibility for that which we chose in life but in case of people or situations like body, family and innate abilities, we usually tend to blame God or parents or destiny and keep playing the victim all our life, feeling more and more discontented every day.

Today we shall understand a very important law of spirituality which states that everything that belongs to you, belongs to you by choice. The state of body and mind, the country I am born in, the parents I am born to, the social, economic, political and other context of my body and consequently the opportunities that were and are available to me are all products of my own karma. I had a choice to perform the best and the most elevated karma every past second. What I performed was my choice and what I have just follows from the choices I made. Whatever I have at the moment is accurate and ideal in accordance with my karmic trajectory. So accepting and valuing what I have is synonymous with accepting myself and respecting my karmic trajectory.

I am who I am and my karmic story is part of me. So I need to first come to terms with it. Interestingly, although it may sound paradoxical, acceptance is the first step to change. Once I accept all that I have, and am in a state of contentment, I have the power to perform good karma. A contented heart is capable of good karma. And as I enact my karmic story on the directions of a contented heart, I bring fortune to myself.

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