The Power of Good Karma

Points to Ponder: May 15, 2018

Do you ever worry or fear for the future? Then please take note of this simple solution to all your fears and worries. Doing good karma in the present ensures a good future. If I invest my time, energy, mind and resources in creating good karma, I need never worry about the future.

What I have observed is that we first use our mind, speech, acts, energy, money, time to create bad karma and then waste it further hankering after people and places that promise me safety from my bad karma. However, the law says as you sow, so shall you reap. So why not use my resources in such a way that it brings peace, happiness and power to me as well as to everyone around me. If I sow the seeds of happiness, peace and power, what I get is also happiness, peace and power. If I do karma in a state of peace, happiness and power,  then it automatically begets further happiness, peace and power. The key to ensure a good future lies in my own hands.

These days the being and the doing are not aligned. We do good but usually in a state that can be described as less than good. For example, we care with worry, we work with fear, we love with pain, we stay silent with violence inside, we smile with jealousy inside etc. We already know the difference between good and bad. This is why we are good outside. The only effort we need to make is align our inner world with our outer world. Why don’t we just smile inside while we smile outside? Why don’t we just stay serene and calm inside while we stay silent outside? Why don’t we work with faith in the law of karma? Why don’t we just brim with love so that it flows to the other and heals him instead of aching me? This simple alignment would free us of all our fears and worries. Tomorrow we shall understand how God gives us the power to do good karma.

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