Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Points to Ponder: May 16, 2018

Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. Sleeping early is a prerequisite to waking up early. And waking up early makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. Let us reflect on this today. First let us define early. Waking up early means waking up at dawn as dawn is the quietest time of the day. The noise of sound as well as the noise of the mind is least at dawn as bodies are asleep and minds operating at their unconscious level. It is in such stillness and silence that I wake up. And waking up is not enough. I must “Wake Up”. I have to wake up to my own truth. I must become self awareness and remind me of the truth. As soon as I wake up, I must remind myself of my true eternal, imperishable identity. I must recollect that I have the power of peace, love and happiness with. That I am the child of God, who is the master of the universe. This universe and all its events do not have the power to upset or destabilise me as I am the child of the master Himself. And as I truly “Wake up” early, my body also wakes up to this peaceful and powerful consciousness and happy hormones are secreted, thereby ensuring health.

Wisdom lies in clearly identifying what my powers and limitations are, knowing what I can change and what I cannot change. Wisdom also lies in seeing people and situations as they are and not projecting our fears and prejudices on to them. As I clean the mirror of my mind in the wee hours and polish it with positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts, I can see clearly what is what and who is who and identify what to do and how much.

A person who wakes up early has a lot more time at his disposal than a late riser. Time is money. Time can be used to create wealth-both physical and spiritual.

Good early morning and have a healthy, wealthy and wise day ahead!

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