Good Old Habits

Points to Ponder: May 17, 2018


It is said that “old habits die hard”. The expression is usually used to refer to bad habits and it means that it is very difficult to get rid of old bad habits which is so true. However, today we would reflect on the concept of good old habits i.e creating good habits and sustaining them for sufficiently long periods of time until they become good old habits.

Any action that I do repeatedly becomes a habit and once it has become a habit, it is the basis for further actions. My thoughts are based on my patterns of thinking or thinking habit which in turn was created by repeatedly thinking in a certain pattern. All actions I perform are also an offshoot of my habits which were created by performing those very actions over long periods of time. When we create good habits, our own habits become our safety net. Any adversity, however enormous, would not have the power to drive me into performing negative karma if I possess good old habits. Adversities themselves do not have the power to trouble me. I get into trouble by responding adversely to adversities. If I am into good old habits, then even in the face of a very difficult situation, my habits would help me give a positive response. My karma determines what the universe gives me back. Good habits ensure good karma at all times and hence save me from negative consequences.

Let us today take the example of creating a good habit of not taking sorrow. How to start with this? Today, during, the day, let me choose to take peace and happiness from people and situations even if they intend to give sorrow. Just like if someone offers stale bread to me for breakfast, I would refuse it because I know it is not good for my physical health, similarly I have the power to refuse to accept any word or action that gives sorrow to me. For example, someone tells me that I am not good enough. In such a situation I understand that this is his opinion and this is what he has to offer. But since I do not want this quality of thought and it is not advantageous to me, I do not accept it. People will offer what they have but I have to choose to take only that which I feel is useful for me. Let us experiment with this idea for a few days until it becomes a “Good Old Habit”.


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