The Transforming Power of Pure Intentions

Points to Ponder: May 23, 2018
Pure intentions are very powerful. They have their roots in truth. The truth is that I am a unit of this universal consciousness. I am a soul, a conscient energy. All other souls are my brothers. I am responsible for my family. I am responsible for the flora and fauna around. I am also responsible for the matter that I operate with. I am answerable to God who is my parent. I am responsible and answerable. I have my responsibility towards the creation of a peaceful, loveful and happy world. When My intentions are rooted in this truth, they are pure. When I intend to take this universe to a more peaceful, happy and blissful place with each of my thoughts, words and acts, my intentions are pure.
Such pure intentions have great transforming powers. They have the power to change my body and my brain. They have the power to melt hearts and transform foes into friends. They have the power to change adversities into opportunities. They have the power to change me from an ordinary human to a divine Angel whom God trusts and blesses. And ultimately they have the power to transform this world into a better place.
Just take a few moments today. Remind yourself that you are pure consciousness. That you are responsible. Shed all thoughts of selfishness and just offer yourself to universal good. Invoke God and apprise Him of your intent. Tell Him that you wish to be His consort. Tell Him that you are there to carry on His task of world transformation. Acknowledge the transforming powers He gives you instantly. Move with dignity and grace, conquering mountains and crossing deep seas of limiting beliefs and finally land where you belong – In that world called Heaven.

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