The Karma that Divinises a Human

Points to Ponder: May 24, 2018
God is the creator of heaven on earth. He comes at the time of hell and teaches divine karma to humans. When the human learns the art of doing divine karma, he becomes divine. When humans become divine, hell becomes heaven. Karma done on the directions of God is divine karma. Let us understand some of God’s directions today. We have always sung prayers saying Oh God! you are my parent. So God arrives and just asks us to live by our own words and just doing that is good karma.
As a parent, God beckons us to love ourselves and also all His other children. Just think for a moment whether a parent would like His child to have self doubt or not love his brothers and sisters? Also, I am the child of the purest of pure, the ocean of love, peace and bliss and I am created in His image, so I just need to realise my self worth and also the worth of each soul around me and love myself and all my brothers. Assume a child who was very bright as a kid but as he grew up, owing to a mental illness, he is not the same now. Even then, parents and siblings who have known him as a child would refuse to accept his present condition and always remember him as a bright kid and also try to remind him of his erstwhile mental prowess. Similarly, we souls lost our spiritual glory as we traveled through time, taking and shedding bodies and creating karmic accounts and sanskars. However, God does not stop remembering us as the purest, most peaceful, loveful, blissful and happy being. He urges us to also remember who we are and also remind our fellow brothers of their identity. When we remember this and stay in its consciousness, our thoughts, words and actions for ourselves and also others are filled with pure energy.  It is just by doing so that we perform good karma, earn the pleasure of God and also create heaven on earth for ourselves.

One thought on “The Karma that Divinises a Human

  1. Well said sister. Only God accepts and loves us unconditionally. Whatever may be our present condition, he never lose faith on us,even when we don’t believe in ourselves. We must reciprocate this love and do as He says.

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