Earning the Pleasure of God

Points to Ponder: May 25, 2018
People have since ages tried to please God in numerous ways but in my opinion those ways don’t seem to be working very well. Had people been successful in pleasing God then there would have been the kingdom of peace, love, happiness and harmony on earth as God is the ocean of peace, love and happiness. However, before we try to understand the ways to please God, let us first be clear that the opposite of God’s pleasure is not God’s displeasure. God is never displeased with anyone as He is the ocean of love. However, until we are befitting to earn for ourselves the treasures of love, peace and happiness, God stays withdrawn. God is famous for being “AKARTA” which means he stays out of the karmic cycle. He is prohibited from giving something to anyone in His own right. Happiness, peace and love have to be earned. And the simplest way to earn them is to do karma that God teaches. Let us today understand what the teachings of God are.
As a parent, God teaches us to be kind to ourselves and to our fellow brothers. He teaches us to respect the fact that we are innately peaceful, loveful and blissful and live by it. As a teacher, God teaches us the karma philosophy and helps us to distinguish between positive, negative and wasteful thoughts, words and deeds and calls upon us to eliminate the negative, minimize the waste and maximize the positive. As a Sadguru, He teaches us the way to go back to our world of light, peace and purity by becoming light, peaceful and pure. As a friend, he keeps our secrets, understands us and advises us for the good while accepting us the way we are. As a brother, He is protective of us and is watchful and concerned about us while understanding our limitations and encouraging us along the way. As a beloved, He wants us to remember Him and pull our attention from everything around and rejoice in His company. As the Supreme Surgeon, He advises us to take the medicine of meditation and also abstain from all that is not in keeping with our spiritual health. As a child, He wants us to surrender everything to Him and trust Him that He would take care of us.
It is only be having all relations with God that we truly belong to Him and have access to His treasures.

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