Collecting the Scattered Mind

Points to Ponder: May 31, 2018
Sometimes the mind is just all over the place. Thoughts just have their sway. Moving from one to another, then coming back to the first, all jumbled up, in no particular sequence and feelings follow suit. Feelings too keep shifting from sadness to hope to dejection to doubt to calm to anger to wisdom etc. And it all leaves us quite confused and worked up. Now how to move from such a state to a state where the mind is organised and productive?
It starts with a decision. A decision to take sway. I decide to take charge of my mind, fully aware of my capacity and capability to do so. I bring to power my awareness that I am the master of my mind. I remind myself that my mind is a powerful instrument and a good servant when it is in my control. Such an awareness is synonymous with taking the reins of my mind in my hands. Now I start riding the horse called my mind. I try to take it to places which feed it with peace and love. I try to take it to the world within. However, it behaves wild. It resists, it tries to divert me. I am calm, I am loveful and patient. I cajole it with love. I do not give up. I know it belongs to me. I am patient and continue to bring it back with love. I succeed in taking it to the center of the heart which abounds in love, faith, hope and positivity. I let it graze there. I leave it to feed itself with feelings of peace and love. It starts to settle, relax and feel contented. It starts to calm down. It stops resisting me. Slowly, it is one with me. Now my mind is with me. It follows my directions. It is happy to be my servant. It dwells on what I ask it to. It goes where I want it to. Now my mind is no more my worst enemy. It is my best friend.

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