Balancing the act of giving with the attitude of a giver

Points to Ponder: June 1, 2018
We have all heard of the expression “Give and take”. It is not by accident that there is first give and then take. Taking is implied in giving. The universe blesses the giver. Today we shall understand the quality and power of giving.
Who can give? One who is full or has more can give. Does this not clearly imply that we cannot give and take both from the same people? The one who we give is a taker. That one is supposed to be a taker. I am a giver vis a vis him. So this clearly implies that I can give to the ones I have more than and take only from the ones who have more than me. Another aspect to be covered here is that giving is both an ability and an attitude. The ability to give must be accompanied by the willingness and attitude of a giver in order for someone to be a giver. Most people today have the ability but lack the willingness to give or the attitude of a giver. We may sometimes have the ability of a giver but the attitude of a beggar. In such a case, my act of giving is more than offset by my attitude of begging. The one who gives is supposed to receive from the universe manifold of what he has given. One who gives is supposed to be blessed by God Himself. However, there is a strange phenomenon we observe these days . One who is giving feels depleted instead. This is because although my act is that of a giver, my attitude is that of a beggar and hence the act of giving which was supposed to fulfill me leaves me empty instead because of my attitude of begging. Let me today check all my acts of giving. Let me also acknowledge the fact that in areas where I am in the role of a giver, I am only supposed to give. With this understanding let me now check whether I adopt the faulty attitude of begging while I give? Now I understand how it is only erroneously that emptiness can be a part of the life of giver.

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