Traffic Lights Are Important

Points to Ponder: June 4, 2018

Have you ever felt irritated waiting for the traffic signal to go green? I am sure you have. But while you waited, have you ever wondered about the importance of these traffic lights? Have you tried to imagine the roads without traffic lights? These lights are so important in making way for one set of vehicles while stopping others. They also make accidents less frequent by averting collisions at intersections. A world without traffic lights would be a world of much more chaos and danger. Sometimes we fail to appreciate the worth of things that are there. We crib and complain about them often disregarding their purpose and importance.
Today we shall reflect on whether we appreciate the traffic lights in life? Life present itself with phases where we must stop, phases where we must gear up and get ready and phases where we must go and get it all. All these phases are equally important. However, the problem is just like traffic lights, these phases come up at very unexpected times. A signal to stop might appear when I am in great hurry and a signal to go and get it all might arrive when I wish to relax and recharge. This is where I need to dwell upon and have faith in the that programming and timing of the universe is in keeping with the purpose of bringing benefit to me and with such faith discern what it is signalling. If I get irritated and frustrated, I sometimes miss out on the signal that the universe is giving me. If I keep my calm and recognize the tip that the universe is giving, I can use it to my advantage. It is anyway designed to put me into advantage. Synchronizing my flow of thoughts with the flow of the universe just like I synchronize the movement of my vehicle with the traffic signal can lead to a smooth functioning of my personal life as well as a smooth functioning of the universe. It would be a world of no accidents and collisions. It would be a world where everything would flow smoothly. Just reflect a bit on this today. We will explore more on the topic tomorrow.

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