Life is Fair, Expectations Unfair

Points to Ponder: June 5, 2018

Yesterday we explored how life gives us red, yellow and green signals at different points of time. Today I will relate to you two incidents that tell us how the signals that life gives us are all appropriate and designed to bring advantage to us. It is up to us to interpret them with a clear mind and take advantage of them.

1) A brother who came to me narrated that he was stuck with his job and therefore could not pursue his MBA which he so badly wanted to. I understood that it is a difficult situation wherein he couldn’t voluntarily give up his job while so desperately wanting to pursue a valuable degree. However, after a few minutes of conversation, he told me about a recent phase in life where he was jobless for a full two years. As he described the phase, it brought to him sad memories. I was also sorry for that phase of his life. It however struck me that how interestingly life had actually given him a clear opportunity to pursue an MBA which is not by any co incidence also a 2 year programme. I then asked him why he didn’t think about doing his MBA then and he replied he was so blinded by what he wanted then that he couldn’t see what was on offer.

2) A brother met with an accident and broke his leg. However, instead of complaining about and pitying his condition, he just saw it as an opportunity to relax and explore spirituality and meditation. There, lying on a bed for three months all he did was watch spiritual content, ruminate and reflect on it and practice meditation. The result- his physical , emotional and spiritual predicament all ended together. He found his feet as well as his mind, heart and soul all back together.

A little reflection of the two incidents would clearly tell us that life is always fair. It is our expectations that are unfair to us.

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