Spiritual Footprints

Points to Ponder: June 6, 2018
We have all heard about carbon footprints and environmental footprints and yesterday on the occasion of world environment day, heard quite a few deliberations on these. Infact it was yesterday that it occurred to me that one must also consider one’s spiritual footprints. This universe consists of souls, matter and God. We souls, spiritual entities, enter the world of matter and work with matter. If we work judiciously with matter, it leads to prosperity and abundance. If we are indiscreet in our use of matter, it leads to pollution and scarcity of natural resources.
This world rests not alone on the pillar of material well being. One pillar of this world is also spiritual prosperity. Spiritual well being or prosperity can be defined as a state when souls are brimming with the energy of peace, love, purity, joy and power and radiating the same to the universe.  Let me today take a moment and check what is my spiritual footprint? As I begin my day’s journey and walk through the day, let me assess whether I operate with the energy of peace, love and joy and bring peace, love and joy to the ones I meet? Do I see adversities as challenges that enable me to understand what spiritual powers I lack and give me an opportunity to add value to myself as I face or tolerate them? Does my day end with a wiser, saner, more equipped me or do I deplete myself along the day? Do I set and example of a value based life or do I teach corrupt ways to others through my actions? What am I becoming and what am I making as I conduct myself?
It is very important that we assess our spiritual footprints because when we are contented as beings and operate with matter from this standpoint, we tend to use and not abuse matter thereby reducing our environmental footprint.

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